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It is no secret that testimonials sell. Why would you believe me when I tell you that my new and improved super duper makes everything the best of its kind? But if a celebrity jeopardizes her reputation or a real user gets excited about how good my thing is for her, they are much more likely to trust the value of my product.

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Here are ten ways you can use testimonials to expand your online business.

Use a snippet on your sales page. This is perhaps the most common use online. There you are, reading the sales copy, when you suddenly come across a box with a testimonial. This works well for specific product testimonials. I have used that technique several times here:

Use a snippet on a separate testimonial page. People who are considering hiring you want to know if you are trustworthy and this gives them a sense of security. This is best for general reputation testimonials, like the ones I’ve created here:

Use whole letters. Full letters are sometimes more effective, especially if clients need security, such as when making a large monetary commitment.

Recommend by email. Ezine editors have great credibility with their readers. Use this to your advantage by having them make a recommendation to your readers. I don’t usually give advice to my Daily Dose of Happiness readers, but when I do, people buy.

Get user testimonials. These are best for specific product testimonials. Before I buy something, I want to know how well it works in real life. Only users can tell me. Here is an example of where I provided a user testimonial. This really promotes my business:

Here’s another testimonial that I provided as a user, but it doesn’t promote my business. Why did i do it? Well, to begin with, I really enjoyed the show. But there is also a link and that does not affect my search engine ranking. Also, some people are forced to click on that link and find my site:

Get expert testimonials. They are best when you absolutely need credibility in something that people might be skeptical about, especially something that requires a large investment, such as health or money. Here is a good example:

Enter product testimonials. This is what I did in my book, Climb Your Ladder to Heaven: The 9 Habits of Ultimate Happiness. Right on the back cover are three book review snippets that tell how glorious and wonderful this book is.

Of course, the latest testimonial is the media coverage. People say “You can’t believe what you read these days.” But busy people don’t have time to check everything and assume that what they saw in the media is correct. Develop a media relations plan.

The best testimonial strategy uses a combination of the techniques described above. How many of them do you have working for you?

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